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Shanghai Beauty Expo in 2017


Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. after participating in the 2017 Shanghai Beauty Expo, the company's high-end and high-quality cosmetics and good corporate image have been paid attention and affirmed by the relevant government departments and enterprises in the industry, which has produced a broad and positive impact at home and abroad. On August 22, the company was invited to participate in the first China-Russia International Expo held in Russia with the theme of building a platform for Sino-Russia docking and creating a new situation for port economic and trade development.

The products on display are shaving gel series products of the Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd.. The high-quality foaming effect not only attracts a large number of visitors, but also is recognized by Russian businessmen, who express their strong willingness to cooperate with the company. At the same time, they also hope that the company will make full use of this platform, seize the opportunity, enter the international market, and strive to achieve the grand goal of ten billion enterprises as soon as possible.

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