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Guangzhou Beauty Exhibition in 2018


On September 8, 2018, the 4th Guangzhou Beauty Exhibition was held and successfully concluded in the complex of Pazhou Canton Fair. of Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition, showcasing the company's three product series, consolidating the existing cooperative relationship, exploring a large number of potential customers, and laying a solid foundation for market development.

This exhibition brings together more than 60% of the Chinese cosmetics industry manufacturers and many well-known brands, known as "the first exhibition of Chinese cosmetics". The exhibition lineup is unprecedented, not only reflects the modern attention to the quality of skin care, but also shows the booming trend of the beauty industry. At the same time, the market competition situation is extremely fierce, many emerging brands quietly rise, how to gain advantages in the battle of the smoke in the market, we are all thinking about the problem.

With insight into the current market situation of domestic beauty industry, the BOV packaging technology was developed to solve the problem of gas, material and bottle friction during transportation and avoid secondary pollution after use. In the face of the hot trend of the beauty industry, our factory is also dominated by excellent cosmetics, advanced technology and high-end service, providing customers with high-end OEM and ODM customized services. As the most popular skin care supplier in China, our shower gel series, shaving gel series, sunscreen series, and other aerosol products have been exported to foreign countries. Well loved by customers at home and abroad.
In this exhibition, we not only reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, but also carried out friendly exchanges with peers through this exhibition, made many new friends, learned about the latest market in the beauty industry, broadened our vision, and brought new opportunities for the future development of Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd..“

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