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  • Shower gel application

    The role of shower gel is to clean the body,when the individual takes a bath, pour on the bath flower or towel, the foam is rich. It is applied to the whole body and washed with water at the end. It cleans the skin and removes dirt.

  • Shaving gel application

    Shaving gel is a skin care product used during shaving to reduce friction between the razor blade and the skin. While shaving, it nourishes the skin, soothes the skin, and has a good moisturizing effect. It can form a moisturizing film to protect the skin for a long time.

  • Shampoo gel application

    Shampoo gel is used to wash the oil, sweat and dirt secreted by the human body attached to the scalp and hair, the cells shed on the scalp, as well as foreign dust, microorganisms, residue of styling products and bad odor, etc., to keep the scalp and hair clean and beautiful hair

  • Makeup setting spray application

    Makeup setting spray can prolong the durability of makeup, but also play a role in moisturizing and oil control, relieve dry skin and powder texture, replenish skin moisture, make makeup more comfortable, reduce dry lines, suitable for naked makeup, makeup. The effect of spraying should be a mist, do not show water droplets.

  • Body deodorant spray application

    Body deodorant spray can remove odor and taste, mild and non-irritating, deep into the skin directly to the sweat glands, reduce excessive penetration of sweat gland molecules, adjust the sweat gland wall tissue gap, prevent pollution and regeneration root to improve odor.

  • Self-tanning application

    Self-tanning products can be used daily to produce a tanning effect, prevent sunburn, but also keep the skin hydrated and avoid drying.

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