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                                          Room Air Freshener Spray

                                          The production of Room Air Freshener Spray at Wesson factories is carried out under strict quality control, from raw material procurement to product packaging. At the same time, the factory has perfect production equipment and production process to ensure the stability and consistency of products. In addition, Wesson factory has also actively explored environmental protection, and realized environmental protection production and the use of new energy, which also makes our Room Air Freshener Spray more in line with modern people's requirements for environmental protection.

                                          Room Air Freshener Spray is an efficient, environmentally friendly product that effectively removes odors, air pollutants and bacteria to keep the air fresh. Our formula is made from plant extracts and does not contain any harmful substances, making it a very safe and healthy choice.

                                          Our Room Air Freshener Spray can be customized in 2 packages:

                                          1. Propellent gas Packaging,

                                          2. BOV(Bag on valve) aerosol

                                          BOV packaging uses valve bags to separate the material and gas, and separate the material to avoid mixing the gas and material, which is more environmentally friendly, but the price will be high and the product will be more durable.

                                          Propellent gas PackagingIs a common form of packaging in the market, the gas and the material mixed together, the gas as a propellant, this packaging cost will be low.

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                                          Sanitization Odor Elimination Room Air Freshener Spray

                                          Sanitization Odor Elimination Room Air Freshener Spray

                                          Wilson aerosol cosmetics factory specializes in the production of high quality, environmentally friendly room air freshener sprays, using advanced formulations and packaging to ensure product stability, safety and consistency.Wilson Sanitization Odor Elimination Room Air Freshener Sprays are made with high-quality plant-killing ingredients, as well as selected and blended scented essential oils. Under our strict quality control, we ensure that every ingredient used is environmentally friendly, harmless and not harmful to the human body.

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                                          Refresh Energize Soothe Restore Room Air Freshener Spray

                                          Refresh Energize Soothe Restore Room Air Freshener Spray

                                          Our factory specializes in the production of high quality room air fresh spray products, can use BOV packaging environmental protection production process and materials, aiming to provide you with fresh environmental protection, healthy and comfortable indoor breathing environment. We have an experienced and professional production team, with the highest standards of quality control, production management and product testing process to ensure product quality and stability. In this process, we always pay attention to the health of human settlements and produce green and environmentally friendly products to meet the growing consumer market demand.

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                                          Room Air Freshener Spray manufacturers and suppliers in China - Wilson. In good faith management, quality first principle, hope to cooperate with all businesses, create a better future. You can rest assured to wholesale Room Air Freshener Spray from us. We are cosmetics factory suppliers, not trading companies ,which have 20 years OEM and ODM experiences.
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