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Shanghai PuDong Exhibition 2019


Warm congratulations to Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. the 2019 Shanghai Pudong Exhibition has been a complete success!

In this exhibition, our company mainly focused on skin care products, aerosol products, mainly displayed: shower gel, shaving gel and other main products, mainly for the degree of foaming, cleaning and the advantages of BOV packaging. BOV packaging can separate the raw material and gas because the bag structure is used to protect the raw material.Between the bag and the can is filled with gas, but when we press the mouth, the gas is squeezed under pressure, and the raw materials of the bag are squeezed out. This method can make the utilization rate of raw materials reach more than 98%. The BOV packaging also meets the standards of the International Health Organization, protecting the environment and not causing secondary pollution.

In the busy three days, Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. booth has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchants, and the shower gel products in this exhibition have become a highlight of this exhibition.

Many merchants who participated in the exhibition expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd.. Many customers had a detailed consultation and personal experience on the spot, hoping to conduct in-depth cooperation through this opportunity. This exhibition, while reaching a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, understood the new market of the skin care industry, and opened up the international vision. This will also bring new opportunities for the future development of Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd..

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