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Can I wash my hair with body wash


It is generally OK to use body wash to wash your hair, but be careful how much you use and avoid using too much.
Shower gel is a cleaning product, mainly composed of water, essence and other components, generally can be used to clean the skin, can remove excess oil on the surface of the skin, and can also play a role in decontamination. If used to wash hair, generally will not produce too much stimulation to the scalp, and can also play a cleaning role. However, because the shower gel contains certain chemical components, if used too much, it may cause certain irritation to the scalp, causing dandruff, scalp itching and other symptoms, and may cause the skin to be too dry, causing chapped skin. So avoid using too much.

In daily life, pay attention to the use of mild shower gel, avoid the use of irritating shower gel, so as not to have adverse effects. If you have uncomfortable symptoms after using shower gel, you should go to the nearest hospital for treatment in time to avoid timely treatment and aggravate the condition.
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